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18 years old girl who tied her boyfriend with ‘JUJU’ caught and made to dismantle the charm (watch video)

A viral video circulating on social media platform X, previously known as Twitter, has grabbed the attention of countless users.

The video captures the shocking moment when an 18-year-old woman used juju to bind her boyfriend to her in a twisted attempt to make him love her.

However, her sinister plan was foiled when a group of vigilant community members caught her in the act of burying the juju charm.

In a display of compassion and quick thinking, the community members intervened and insisted that the young woman undo the charm to release her boyfriend from its grip.

The video shows the woman being forced to reverse the spell and destroy the wooden pieces that were given to her by the ritualist.

The identity of the boyfriend remains unknown, but the video serves as a cautionary tale about the dangers of resorting to dark magic to manipulate others.

Viewers can watch the video for more details on this bizarre and unsettling incident that has sparked outrage and disbelief online.

Watch the video below.


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