Karen Knowles

22-year-old Lady Po!soned by jealous friends Weeks After Launching Her Own Salon (see details)

Karen Knowles, a 22-year-old Kenyan woman, tragically passed away after being poisoned during a celebratory outing with friends to mark the opening of her new salon. Known for her entrepreneurial spirit and success in the fashion industry, Karen was excited to share her latest business venture with her friends in Yaoundé.

However, what was supposed to be a happy occasion quickly turned into a nightmare.

During a meal at a local restaurant, Karen suddenly fell ill as she and her friends were getting ready to leave around 1 pm.

Witnesses observed her experiencing distressing symptoms such as vomiting, urinating, and excreting, causing alarm among her companions.

The taxi driver who was meant to take Karen home acted quickly, rushing her to a nearby hospital in a bid to save her life.

Despite the efforts of medical professionals, Karen tragically succumbed to the effects of poisoning at 4:30 pm on the same day.

Her untimely death has left her loved ones and the community in shock and mourning the loss of a young woman with a promising future ahead of her.

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