“3 years in music and i have only made $100”- Ay Poyoo

AY Poyoo, the Ghanaian rapper known for his quirky and comedic music, recently opened up about his financial struggles in the music industry.

In a departure from his usual lighthearted persona, AY Poyoo shared a serious message on his TikTok page, revealing that he has not made any significant money in the three years since he entered the industry.

Despite his unique style and viral success, the rapper admitted that show promoters have paid him as little as $100, with his highest payment being $200.

AY Poyoo expressed frustration with the lack of support and recognition from both the Ghanaian public and the media.

He lamented that despite his efforts to establish himself as an artist, he feels unappreciated and disrespected. The rapper also shared that he receives negative messages on social media, which further adds to his sense of disillusionment.

This candid confession from AY Poyoo sheds light on the challenges faced by artists trying to make a name for themselves in a competitive industry.

Despite his viral success and unique approach to music, the rapper’s financial struggles highlight the harsh realities of pursuing a career in the entertainment world.

It serves as a reminder of the importance of supporting and uplifting artists who are working hard to share their talents with the world.


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