“3tw3 naaaa”- Nana Agradaa and church members use vag!na to create a new song in church

Evangelist Patricia, renowned Nana Agradaa is once again making headlines for all the wrong reasons. A viral video has surfaced showing Nana Agradaa and her church members using a vulgar term, “3tw3,” which refers to the vagina, to create a new song during a church service.

The video captures the evangelist and her followers chanting “3tw3 naa” repeatedly. Following the song, Agradaa expresses her confusion as to why some individuals choose to engage in anal sex instead of vaginal intercourse, which she believes is the intended purpose. The controversial religious figure goes on to criticize Ghanaians who accused her of supporting LGBTQI rights.

This latest incident has sparked outrage and controversy among the public, with many condemning Agradaa’s behavior and choice of language during a religious service.

The use of such explicit language and the promotion of harmful stereotypes about sexuality have drawn criticism from various groups. It is concerning that someone in a position of influence and authority would make such statements, further fueling the already existing stigma and discrimination towards certain sexual orientations.


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