5 Presec student suspended for homo-sexuality.

Five students from Presec have been suspended by the school for their involvement in same-sex activities.

Currently, five Presec students are facing an indefinite suspension due to their involvement in same-sex activities on school grounds.

Two students documented their activities, and the videos were inadvertently shared on campus, leading to the school administrators becoming aware of the situation.

The other three students were reported by their fellow students on campus.

The Presbyterian Boys School, Presec Legon initially chose to conceal the incident in order to protect the school’s reputation.

However, they later opted to address the issue and take disciplinary action against the students once the video began circulating beyond the campus.

Presec is widely regarded as one of the top boys’ schools in Ghana, boasting an impressive 8 trophies in the National Science & Maths Quiz.


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