50 years old man storms Mark Angel’s house to ask for Emmanuela’s hands in marriage (Watch video)

The famous Nigerian pranksters, Untouchable comedies, who are known for their pranks on celebrities, have gained attention on social media with their latest video.

This time, they targeted skit maker Mark Angel and his comedy daughter Emmanuella in a funny marriage proposal prank. The video has gone viral and has been shared on Facebook by the dynamic duo, along with their talented actors.

In the prank, a 50-year-old man and his friends visit Mark Angel’s house with the intention of proposing to Emmanuella.

The suitor, portrayed by an actor, is seen enjoying traditional food at Mark Angel’s home, fitting seamlessly into the storyline.

The prank was well-coordinated with the skit maker’s management, and the suitor disguised himself as a fan bringing gifts. Mark Angel is pleasantly surprised by the gesture and unknowingly lets him into his house.

Once inside, the fake suitor expresses his desire to marry Emmanuella, initially causing laughter from Mark Angel and Emmanuella.

Emmanuella jokingly remarks that he is old enough to be her father. However, Mark Angel soon realizes the seriousness of the man’s proposal and becomes annoyed.

He makes it clear that he does not have the authority to give Emmanuella away, emphasizing that the decision lies solely with her father.

The full video of the prank can be watched below. It showcases the pranking skills of the Untouchable comedies and their talented actors, as well as the unexpected reactions of Mark Angel and Emmanuella.

The video has gained popularity on social media, with many viewers finding it hilarious and entertaining.

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