8 Ghanaian celebrities who have done surgery on their bodies to look good

Cosmetic surgery has grown in popularity among Ghanaian celebrities in recent years. Many of these well-known celebrities have opted to undergo cosmetic surgery in order to improve their physical appearance and obtain what they consider to be the ideal look.

This article will dig into the world of Ghanaian celebrities who have undergone surgical procedures in order to modify their bodies and remain competitive in the entertainment industry.

These celebrities believe that cosmetic surgery will help them advance in their jobs by boosting their confidence and attractiveness. However, undergoing surgery is not without hazards and controversy, with some claiming that it promotes unattainable beauty standards and can have a bad impact on mental health.

Kisa Gbekle.


Kisa Gbekle, a Ghanaian actress who is known for her role in the film Cum Slay Queen, is the first Ghanaian to provide an insight into the cost of having a super-classy figure through the intervention of plastic surgery.

During an interview, Gbekle disclosed that she had undergone a total of sixty thousand Ghana cedis for her cosmetic treatments, which included breast augmentation procedures and liposuction.

She went on to explain that she had made the decision to have surgery in order to improve her physical appearance and increase her self-assurance in order to compete in the highly competitive entertainment industry.


Sandra Ankobiah

Additionally, Sandra Ankobiah, a well-known Ghanaian lawyer and social media personality, has been transparent about her experiences with plastic surgery.

On the other hand, she is aware of the significance of exercising caution and conducting exhaustive research prior to deciding whether or not to go through with any cosmetic treatments.

Moesha Boudong.


Additionally, Moesha Boudong, a well-known Ghanaian actress and social media presence, has been transparent about her choice to go through with plastic surgery.

It was revealed that in order to get the body shape that she desired, she had a Brazilian butt lift and a tummy tuck performed surgically.

Prior to making a decision that could potentially have a significant impact on one’s life, Moesha underlined the significance of being well-informed on the potential dangers and complications that are involved with cosmetic treatments.

Princess Shyngle


It was previously known that Princess Shyngle had undergone cosmetic surgery. She is one of the celebs who has achieved this status.

On the other hand, she hints that she had not undergone any surgery to reduce the size of her waistline in 2015.

In a post that she published on Instagram in February 2019, she later reversed her previous statement and stated that she had removed five of her ribs in order to obtain her hourglass form.

Nana Ama McBrown

Another celebrity who has been alleged to have received cosmetic surgery is Nana Ama McBrown. McBrown is also famous for her appearance.

After some time had passed, she suddenly disclosed to her followers that she had undergone breast augmentation and liposuction in order to improve her appearance.



Although Sefa has refrained from explicitly confirming that she has done cosmetic surgery to alter her appearance, her before and after photographs have prompted considerable speculation.

In Ghana, there has been a growing tendency of celebrities opting for surgical modifications, and this conjecture has created conversations among fans and the general public concerning this trend.



Fantana is not ashamed to reveal that she had surgery to expand her backside and flatten her stomach.

She claimed that she had undergone surgery in order to improve some aspects of her physique that she was self-conscious about, despite the fact that her body was already attractive.

Sista Afia

The rapper is one of the many celebrities in the country who have also added enhancements to their bodies in order to obtain the hourglass figure.

Despite the fact that she has not clearly declared whether or not she has received a cosmetic treatment, current images of her demonstrate she has enhanced her body.

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