A Ghanaian Female Carpenter, Yvonne , trends online with Her Stunning Craftsmanship

Yvonne Heidi Attigah, a talented carpenter from Ghana, has been impressing many with her exquisite woodworking skills.

Based in the Volta Region, she adds a touch of feminine elegance to her detailed and intricate woodwork, mesmerizing her clients with her creations such as couches, bed frames, wardrobes, office furniture, TV units, and kitchen cabinets.

Yvonne, the CEO of Heidiwoods, revealed in an interview that her passion for carpentry was ignited during the Covid lockdown when she had spare time and decided to assist a friend in the business.

After graduating with a degree in Business Administration from AUCC in 2018, Yvonne started Heidiwoods about a year ago, operating from her home in Accra with a team of four.

Despite facing challenges such as financing and physical limitations due to a past injury, Yvonne remains determined to expand her business globally.

She encourages more women to explore their interests and pursue their passions, believing that the stigma around women’s career choices is diminishing.

With her perseverance and dedication, Yvonne aims to establish Heidiwoods as a renowned brand in the woodworking industry.

Watch video below…

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