A Ghanaian man surprises his two wives with two cars to enhance their bond and strengthen their marriage. (watch video)

Last year, a Ghanaian man named Michael Houston, also known as Godfada Gh Houston, made headlines when he married his two long-time girlfriends, Adepa Fel and Goddess Deejah Abarry, in a colorful ceremony in Accra.

This unique union, which had been three years in the making, defied traditional notions of monogamous marriage and garnered attention for its unconventional nature.

Despite cultural and religious norms that discourage polygamy in certain communities, the trio’s decision to publicly declare their commitment to each other sparked a variety of reactions among Ghanaians.

Michael Houston, a prominent figure in the tech industry and a software engineer known as a Bitcoin “guru,” had been living with both of his partners before their official marriage, sharing their journey on social media platforms like Facebook.

Just five months after tying the knot, Houston surprised his wives by gifting them their favorite cars.

Photos posted on Houston’s social media showed him posing with his wives in front of the new vehicles, showcasing their shared happiness and love for each other.

This gesture of generosity and love further solidified the bond between the three partners, demonstrating their commitment to each other and their unique relationship dynamic.

Despite facing some criticism and skepticism from the public, Michael Houston, Adepa Fel, and Goddess Deejah Abarry continue to navigate their non-traditional marriage with confidence and love.

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