A Leaked Audio alleges a soldier may be responsible for Dr Boadu’s death

Late Dr Boadu, CEO of Gift Herbal Hospital, in a leaked audio recording, has hinted at the circumstances that potentially led to her untimely demise. The renowned herbalist, through the audio, shared the distressing experiences she underwent during her pregnancy with twins via in vitro fertilization (IVF).

Dr. Boadu stated that her twins were not biologically linked to her fiancé, Pastor Kingsley, despite his unwavering commitment to her welfare. She further unveiled the harsh treatment meted out to her by her partner, a military officer (Lieutenant), which put her life in danger.

The severity of the alleged physical abuse led to the tragic loss of her twins during the seventh month of her pregnancy, causing a serious medical complication – a blood clot. The distressed doctor described her condition as life-threatening, which forced her to say goodbye to her staff while receiving medical care.

Dr. Boadu made a heartbreaking revelation, “My abdomen turned firm like tar. I was cautioned about the life-threatening severity of my health. When the soldier was troubling me, my babies ceased to grow.”

Her mother sought help from Prophet Kingsley Gyamfi after the soldier deserted her upon learning about her critical condition. Dr. Boadu’s tragic story ended with her entering the operating theatre, with loved ones bidding potential final goodbyes, but the soldier was noticeably absent.

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