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“A man came and proposed to me twice and I rejected his proposal because I didn’t have full information about his financial status.”- Lady

I acknowledge that it was my mistake, but I would like to explain the situation. A man proposed to me twice, but I rejected him because I didn’t have complete information about his financial status and he was too impatient.

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Later, he proposed to my younger sister without realizing she was related to me. They got married, and only then did he discover the connection.

The man is a senior accountant with multiple profitable businesses, yet when I ask for money, he directs me to my sister.

However, she only gives me small amounts, despite receiving a substantial monthly allowance from her husband.

She is generous to others but stingy towards me, unaware that he initially proposed to me. This has left me feeling hurt and overlooked, especially considering his initial feelings for me.

It is clear that my sister’s behavior is unfair and uncaring, and I am struggling to come to terms with this situation.

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