Abigail, a former drug addict, is reportedly pregnant. (see details)

New information has surfaced indicating that Abigail, a former drug dealer who gained popularity for sharing her story of drug abuse on social media, is currently four months pregnant.

Abigail’s transformation from a young, beautiful woman to an older-looking individual due to her drug addiction garnered attention online.

She sought help and underwent rehabilitation to turn her life around, which led to positive changes.

However, it has now been revealed that she is expecting a child, and speculation points to her handler as the father, with rumors circulating that they may have been involved romantically.

In an exclusive interview with Richie from Plus1 TV, he addressed the rumors surrounding Abigail’s pregnancy.

Richie explained that he had initially wanted to accompany Abigail in public, but faced criticism from the public.

As a result, he decided to step back and allow her to live her life independently. After giving her some space, Richie discovered that Abigail was carrying a child conceived by another man.

This revelation has stirred up more discussions and debates among the public.

For more details on this story, you can watch the video below for Richie’s full explanation of the situation.

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