Actress Borga Sylvia Accused of $25,000 Marriage Scam by Ghanaian man living in Australia

Ghanaian actress Borga Sylvvia has been accused of duping a man of 25,000 Australian dollars in a false marriage scheme. The man, who shared his story on Auntie Naa’s show “Oyerepa Afutuo”, alleged that the Kumawood actress and her mother deceived him over a decade ago.

The accuser, currently in his 60s, was reportedly trying to establish himself in Australia after moving from Greece in search of better opportunities. During this time, he met Borga Sylvia’s mother who reportedly convinced him to enter into a faux marriage with her daughter. The intention was that this would secure his permanent residency in Australia and enable him to move his family from Ghana.

After submitting the necessary paperwork to the Australian embassy, the man returned to Ghana intending to spend time with his family. It was during this period that Borga Sylvia also travelled to Ghana and allegedly revealed her disinterest in continuing with their sham marriage.

The man claims that he had already expended 25,000 Australian dollars on the arrangement with the actress. He further asserted that Sylvia’s surprising revelation prevented him from returning to Australia. The actress is yet to respond to these allegations.


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