Addi Self has finally revealed the reason behind Shatta Wale’s decision to sack them from his house.

Addi Self, a former member of the disbanded Shatta Wale Militant’s group, has recently revealed the reasons behind their split.

The mysterious departure of Shatta Wale’s militants has left music lovers and Shatta movement fans puzzled.

In an interview on Joy Prime, which was monitored by our team, Addi Self disclosed that their separation was caused by Ghanaian rapper, Kweku Smoke.

Addi Self asserts that on a certain day, Kweku Smoke paid a visit to their camp, while their boss remained silent about the rapper’s presence.

We didn’t part ways amicably; he let us go. It is widely acknowledged in Ghana that the incident was merely a private disagreement. It was a challenging moment for me, being authentic. However, I had to gather the fragments and have faith in my abilities. An artist named Kweku Smoke visited the camp. We were not formally introduced to him. He claimed to have no prior knowledge or acquaintance with Kweku Smoke.

According to him, a few months after Kweku Smoke had paid them a visit, he appeared in a live video where he hurled insults at the Shatta Movement boss, accusing him of stealing songs.

Addi Self revealed that Shatta Wale personally reached out to him, requesting to go live and address the allegations made by Kweku Smoke regarding the alleged theft of his song.

Addi Self claimed that he had never shown any disrespect towards Shatta Wale. Nevertheless, he wisely decided to refrain from getting entangled in their dispute, as he was still unaware of the rapper’s intentions for the visit.

After a couple of months, Smoke went on live video claiming that Shatta had stolen his song and all that. Shatta, on the other hand, felt the need to express his thoughts to the boy on live video. I was thinking to myself, ‘I don’t know this boy. Upon his arrival, he was not given any introduction or made to feel like part of our group. “I have no desire to be a part of that,” he stated.

As per Addi Self, Shatta Wale’s behavior towards them took a turn after he declined to engage in a live session and verbally attack Kweku Smoke.

He failed to invite us to perform at Afro Nation. He began disregarding us and similar actions until he ultimately terminated our employment,” he disclosed.

I have always supported him, but Kweku Smoke is quite cowardly. However, I was unaware of the purpose behind my battle. I remain uncertain about the events that transpired. So I was portrayed as an outcast. Until this point, I am still perceived as the odd one out.

Regrettably, Addi Self revealed that their separation has had a profound impact on him. Not only has he lost friends, but also the videos he planned to shoot remain unfinished because the artists he collaborated with are friends of Shatta Wale.

I have experienced the unfortunate loss of some friendships. I have unfortunately lost some individuals. I’ve had experiences where individuals I collaborated with failed to appear for a video shoot due to their association with the person in charge. They are also skilled professionals in the industry. And then a few of my songs that I left behind at the camp and whatnot. There are numerous factors involved in this situation,”


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