“Adebayor Took Funny Face to A Fetish Priest in Togo and He Failed to Follow Instructions” – Spiritualist Exposes

According to a spiritualist, Funny Face and a close friend traveled to Togo to meet with a spiritualist who gave Funny Face instructions to follow to receive material wealth.

Unfortunately, Funny Face did not adhere to these instructions, which the spiritualist claims have contributed to his ongoing mental health issues.

The spiritualist, speaking on Kingdom FM, shared that Funny Face’s recent arrest for driving under the influence and causing harm to five individuals is just the beginning of his troubles. The injured individuals are currently in critical condition in the hospital.

The spiritualist believes that there are more challenges ahead for Funny Face due to his failure to follow the instructions given to him.

It is suggested that there may be further consequences for Funny Face in the future. The spiritualist’s insights into Funny Face’s situation were shared in a video that can be watched for more information.

Meanwhile, fans are universally in agreement that the friend in the narration who took Funny Face to Togo is none other than former international footballer, Emmanuel Adebayor Sheyi.

Watch the video below…

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