Adorable moment Asantewaa hands over cute baby to Koo Fori (Video)

Ghanaian social media influencer and TikTok sensation, Asantewaa, recently shared a heartwarming video on her TikTok page that has sparked curiosity among her fans and followers.

The video captured Asantewaa in a joyful moment, dancing alongside veteran actor Koo Fori.

In the footage, Koo Fori was seen tenderly holding a baby in his arms while Asantewaa danced in the background.

This video comes shortly after Asantewaa revealed her pregnancy to the public, leading to speculation about the identity of the baby in the video with Koo Fori.

The comments section of the post quickly filled with inquiries from intrigued fans, eager to know if the baby belonged to Asantewaa.

Asantewaa’s pregnancy announcement had already made headlines, and the appearance of the baby in the video with Koo Fori only added fuel to the rumors.

The video left many wondering about the connection between Asantewaa, Koo Fori, and the baby, sparking a wave of speculation and anticipation among her followers.

Overall, the heartwarming video shared by Asantewaa has captured the attention of many, leaving fans eagerly awaiting further updates and clarification on the mystery surrounding the baby in Koo Fori’s arms.

Watch video below…

@asantewaaaaa_backupp♬ original sound – Celestine Donkor

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