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Afia Schwarzenegger Accuses Late Herbalist Dr Grace of scamming her patients

The late Dr. Grace Boadu, a renowned herbal practitioner, has recently been embroiled in a posthumous scandal with controversial Ghanaian media personality, Afia Schwarzenegger, accusing her of being a scammer.

Schwarzenegger asserted that Dr. Grace’s clinic was a front for fraudulent activities, claiming that her proclaimed miracle cures were nothing but deceptive tactics to swindle unsuspecting Ghanaians.

In a video released by Schwarzenegger, she alleged, “All these miracle cures are fake. She was just taking money from Ghanaians because we have small brains.” Her damning allegations have stirred up a storm of reactions from the public, with some netizens backing her claims.

One social media user, echoing Schwarzenegger’s sentiment, stated, “When you take out her tone and the mockery, she is saying some bitter truth. Many of these herbal clinics are scamming people. I had an encounter with one, and I know what I am talking about.”

Another netizen raised a question about the credibility of herbal practitioners and pastors who claim to have a cure for every disease. “Yet when they are sick, they fly abroad for treatment and take prescription drugs, not their herbal remedies. Why?” they asked.

This controversy has sparked a broader conversation about the legitimacy and accountability of herbal clinics in Ghana. The narrative surrounding the late Dr. Grace continues to evolve, raising questions about her legacy and the integrity of her clinic.

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