African man who sponsored wife to join him in the UK k!lls her for cheating on him

A tragic news story circulating on social media has confirmed the heartbreaking death of Mrs. Taiwo at the hands of her 48-year-old Nigerian husband, Olubunmi Abodunde.

Reports indicate that Abodunde had sponsored his wife’s relocation to the UK two years ago in 2022.

However, their relationship was plagued with frequent fights stemming from allegations of infidelity and arguments over finances.

Before Mrs. Taiwo moved to the UK, her husband had a history of accusing her of cheating on him even while she was still in Nigeria.

Upon her arrival in the UK, Abodunde allegedly subjected his wife to various forms of physical abuse.

In a particularly horrific incident, where her lips were split, two police officers were called to their home to take a statement from Mrs. Taiwo. Upon their arrival, they heard disturbing banging noises coming from inside the residence.

According to police reports, Mrs. Taiwo had been strangled until she lost consciousness, then brutally beaten until her ribs were broken.

Her husband then used a skateboard to deliver the final fatal blows, causing significant damage to the skateboard itself.

The level of violence inflicted on Mrs. Taiwo has shocked the community and sparked outrage on social media platforms.

The tragic death of Mrs. Taiwo serves as a stark reminder of the devastating consequences of domestic violence.


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