Afronita treated me like “toilet”- former manager reveals

Quables, one of the founders of Dance With Purpose (DWP) and former manager of Afronita, a professional dancer from Ghana, recently shared insights on how Afronita behaved during their time together.

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In an interview, Quables described Afronita as a disrespectful individual.

He expressed surprise at the way Afronita chose to leave DWP, mentioning that while he had expected her departure, he had not anticipated it happening in such a manner.

Quables explained that he had sensed Afronita’s departure was imminent ever since she joined DWP through Dancegod.

He believed that once Dancegod left, Afronita would follow suit.

According to Quables, Afronita displayed disrespectful behavior towards him and other members of the camp, including co-founder Afrobeast, before her departure.

He recalled a specific incident where Afronita treated him as if he were beneath her.

As a responsible manager, Quables attempted to reach out to Afronita’s mother to address the situation, but his efforts were unsuccessful.

The interview sheds light on the challenges faced by managers in the entertainment industry and the importance of maintaining professionalism in all circumstances.


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