“After 11 Years I Am Now Available” – Victoria Hamah

Former deputy Minister for Communications, Victoria Hamah, has left her followers puzzled with a cryptic post on social media.

Ms. Hamah took to Facebook to announce that she was finally “available” after a challenging 11-year journey.

Despite not providing any additional information, her post sparked various interpretations among her followers.

Some speculated that she was now open to a relationship, while others connected it to the $1 million scandal from 11 years ago.

One follower even jokingly submitted an “application” in response to her post.

The post elicited mixed reactions from her followers, with some suggesting that she had completed a divorce process, while others expressed support and optimism for her future.

The most likely refers to her dismissal 11 years ago due to the $1 million controversy, where she allegedly expressed intentions to amass a fortune before leaving politics.

The leaked audio led to public pressure, resulting in her removal from office by then-President John Mahama.

Despite the divisive opinions surrounding her post, Ms. Hamah has maintained a lighthearted approach to the incident in recent years.

Last year, she humorously remarked on Facebook about still not having acquired $1 million despite a decade passing.

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