Afua Asantewaa Announces International ‘Thank You’ Tour After Her Failed GWR Sing-a-thon Attempt

Netizens are currently deeply divided over a recent announcement made by Afua Asantewaa Aduonum, a well-known media personality from Ghana. It has been revealed that her attempt to break the world record for the longest singing session was unsuccessful, as confirmed by Guinness World Records.

This news has sparked a wave of controversy on social media, with many questioning Asantewaa’s transparency regarding the outcome of her record attempt.

Following the uproar, Afua took to her social media accounts on Tuesday, March 19, 2024, to announce her plans for a ‘Thank You tour’ starting on August 24, 2024. The purpose of the tour is to express gratitude to the countries that supported her during her Guinness World Record attempt, with the first stop being Toronto, Canada.

She invited both Ghanaians and non-Ghanaians to join her on this tour, which is set to conclude on September 3, 2024, and is being sponsored by Airmart, a travel agency.

In a tweet, Asantewaa stated, “I have a long list of countries that I am incredibly thankful to for their tremendous support during my Guinness World Record attempt. It’s time to show my appreciation, starting with all Ghanaians and non-Ghanaians in Toronto, Canada. Join us for an amazing experience from August 24 to September 3, 2024.”

After the announcement, internet users have been expressing a variety of opinions. Some believe that Afua Asantewaa should embark on a tour to acknowledge the support she received, despite her unsuccessful attempt. However, there are many who disagree, stating that such a tour is unnecessary and that Afua and her husband are simply capitalizing on their current fame for financial gain.

The differing views highlight the divided sentiments within the online community. While some see the tour as a gesture of gratitude towards supporters, others view it as a cynical money-making scheme. The debate reflects the complexities of public perception and the ways in which individuals navigate fame and success.

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