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Ajagurajah laments that his own brother wants to kill him and inherit his properties.

Ajagurajah has accused his brother of attempting to kill him to inherit his possessions.

In a recent social media video, the preacher’s brother publicly criticized him, challenging him to use his supposed powers to heal his paralyzed son.

He also criticized Ajagurajah for being wealthy but allegedly neglecting their mother by living in a small self-contained house.

In response, Ajagurajah stated that his brother’s sole ambition was to eliminate him and take over his assets.

He revealed that he has already made a will excluding his brother from inheriting anything, ensuring that even if he is killed, his properties will not be enjoyed by his sibling.

Ajagurajah’s remarks suggest a deep-seated animosity between the two siblings, with accusations of greed and neglect being thrown from both sides.

The public exchange of accusations and counter-accusations has shed light on the strained relationship between Ajagurajah and his brother, with each party adamant in their stance.

The situation appears to be complex and emotionally charged, with the preacher determined to protect his assets from what he perceives as a threat from his own brother.

Watch Ajagurajah reply his brother below…

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