Akrobeto disagrees with GSS’s analysis that says 2 out of 10 married men cheat on their wives

A report released by The Ghana Statistical Service (GSS) on January 31, 2024, unveils that two out of 10 men in Ghana are unfaithful to their spouses. The report discloses that within the past year, approximately 18.4% of married men have engaged in extramarital affairs.

This release by the GSS has been met with varying reactions from the Ghanaian populace, with some accepting its validity, while others contest its accuracy. Among those disputing the report is acclaimed actor, Akrobeto, who expressed his viewpoint in a video posted by UTV on Instagram.

The actor negated the report, proposing that the percentage of unfaithful men was likely higher. He asserted that the rate of infidelity among married men is alarming. “In my view, I can say that at least five men out of the ten cheat on their wives,” he shared. He critiqued the men’s actions as inappropriate, particularly since their wives possess similar qualities to the women they cheat with.

Akrobeto further expressed concern about the fragility of contemporary marriages, contrasting it with the marital stability of earlier generations. He cited his parents’ almost seven-decade-long marriage, which produced eleven children, all fathered by his mother’s husband, as an example of past marital success.

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