“All my money na my woman get am” – Labourer praises wife for loving him

A Nigerian laborer has expressed his gratitude for his wife’s unwavering love, even though he has lost his teeth.

In a video shared on TikTok by @faveamaka, the man emphasized that all the money he earns from his job will always be dedicated to his wife.

He stated that even if he were to go to London for work, everything he has belongs to his wife, who he described as the person who was meant for him.

She cooks for him and doesn’t mind his missing teeth, showing her unconditional acceptance and love.

Many viewers praised the man for his loving and devoted attitude towards his wife, with some commenting that treating one’s wife well is key to maintaining a successful relationship.

While some skeptics suggested that the wife may only stay with him because he is the only option available to her, others commended his mindset of wanting his wife to have ownership of everything in the relationship.

Overall, the man’s story of love and appreciation for his wife resonated with many, highlighting the importance of mutual respect and care in a marriage.

Watch the video below:

@faveamaka I was looking for Accommodation for a Friend that left Camp in Dutse Village Abuja and I met this hardworking man under scorching Sun praising his wife while working. I have to make him repeat what he is saying so I can record, sincerely he is a good Man and proud Father May unexpected Blessings come their way, wish I can buy a gift for his wife to appreciate her for been a good wife. #fyp #foryou #igboamaka #abuja #fypシ゚viral #explorer #trend #goviraltiktok #tiktok #chiamakafavourobumma ♬ original sound – Chiamaka Favour Obumma

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