Alpha Hour Pastor, Elvis Agyemang develops three classroom blocks for two deprived communities in Oti Region

• Ghanaian pastor, Pastor Elvis Agyemeng, founder of Grace Mountain Ministry, has constructed three school blocks in Aglakope and Korlekope, Oti Region.
• His efforts, known for his work with Alpha Hour, aim to improve educational opportunities for children in inadequate facilities.
• Social media reports highlight Agyemeng’s commitment to these projects, prioritizing them over church-related activities.
• Agyemeng’s philanthropic initiatives have received praise from netizens, demonstrating his dedication to improving the lives of those in need.


Ghanaian pastor, Pastor Elvis Agyemeng, the founder of Grace Mountain Ministry (Alpha Hour), has shown remarkable dedication to his community by constructing three school blocks for two impoverished areas in Ghana.

These areas, Aglakope and Korlekope in the Oti Region, have benefited greatly from the much-needed infrastructure provided by Pastor Agyemeng.

Known for his work with Alpha Hour, a popular televangelist program, Pastor Agyemeng’s efforts have been focused on improving the educational opportunities for children who were previously studying in inadequate facilities.

Reports on social media have highlighted Pastor Agyemeng’s commitment to these projects, which have taken priority over his church-related activities.

In addition to the completed school blocks, it has been revealed that Pastor Agyemeng is currently working on another educational facility in Ablekuma.

Pastor Elvis Agyemang philanthropic initiatives have garnered praise from netizens, who commend his efforts to create a positive impact in these communities.

Overall, Pastor Elvis Agyemeng’s actions demonstrate his dedication to improving the lives of those in need, as he continues to make a significant difference through his charitable work.

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