An SDA pastor dies while chopping a hook up girl in a hotel room.

David Kiplangat, a 60-year-old assistant pastor at an SDA church in Ketitui, tragically passed away while staying at a lodging in Kapsoit, Kericho, Kenya.

He was accompanied by a female companion at the time. The woman discovered Kiplangat’s lifeless body and immediately informed the accommodation’s management before fleeing the scene.

Police commander Charles Kibati confirmed the incident, stating that Kiplangat was found dead without any visible injuries and without clothes.

A used contraceptive was also found at the scene. Kiplangat’s body has been taken to the Kericho County Referral Hospital mortuary for an autopsy.

Authorities are currently working to locate and identify the woman who was with Kiplangat. This is not the first incident of its kind in the area.

Last year, a Catholic priest from St. Peters Ruai died in a hotel under mysterious circumstances while accompanied by his girlfriend.

The priest was rushed to the hospital but was pronounced dead upon arrival. In that case, the priest’s girlfriend had notified hotel management when he became dizzy and unconscious.

As investigations into Kiplangat’s death continue, similarities with previous incidents raise concerns about the safety of individuals, particularly those in religious roles, while engaging in personal activities outside their pastoral duties.

Authorities are determined to uncover the truth behind these unfortunate events.

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