Another ‘Chilling’ Video Of Serwaa Amihere And Henry Fitz Surfaces On Social Media

Serwaa Amihere and Henry Fitz have once again become a hot topic on social media, following the emergence of a new video featuring the former couple.

Recently, a case involving Henry Fitz and two others accused of sharing a private video of Serwaa Amihere was dismissed by the Dansoman Circuit in Accra.

The judge cited jurisdictional limitations as the reason for the dismissal, stating that the Circuit Court did not have the authority to hear the case.

Consequently, the Ghana Police are now expected to pursue the matter in a High Court, with prosecution being handled by the Attorney General’s Office.

Interestingly, none of the accused individuals were present during the court proceedings. In light of these legal developments, an unidentified person has leaked another video showing Serwaa Amihere and Henry Fitz in intimate moments.

The footage, recorded by Henry Fitz on a mobile device, has once again sparked controversy and speculation.

Overall, the situation involving Serwaa Amihere, Henry Fitz, and the leaked videos continues to unfold, with social media buzzing with discussions and opinions on the matter.

It remains to be seen how the legal proceedings will progress and what implications this latest video leak may have on the individuals involved.

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