“Any man who shares towels with his wife will never prosper in life” – Nigerian spiritualist claims

A Nigerian spiritualist has gained widespread attention after suggesting that men who share towels and duvets with their wives will not experience progress in life.

In a video posted online, the spiritualist, speaking in Yoruba, emphasized the importance of having separate towels for each partner.

He warned that sharing towels can lead to a depletion of blessings and hinder a man’s success.

The spiritualist advised that even when traveling, individuals should bring their own towels to avoid negative consequences.

The video has sparked a debate, with some couples who share towels and duvets arguing that they have still achieved success in life.

Despite the spiritualist’s warnings, these individuals believe that their shared items have not affected their progress.

The idea of separate towels and duvets for couples has caused mixed reactions among viewers.

Overall, the spiritualist’s message emphasizes the importance of personal hygiene and boundaries within relationships.

While some may believe in the spiritual implications of sharing towels, others remain skeptical of the impact it can have on one’s success.

Ultimately, the decision to share or not share towels and duvets is a personal choice that may vary among individuals and couples.

Watch the viral video below

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