“Anybody who tries to stay in Dr Grace’s house will d!e as well”- Prophet Azuka

According to Prophet Azuka, he strongly advises against anyone attempting to occupy the residence of the late renowned Ghanaian herbalist, Dr. Grace Boadu, as it could potentially endanger their own life.

In a widely circulated video, a self-proclaimed Ghanaian man of God has made allegations against the Chief Executive Officer of the Grace Gift herbal Clinic, suggesting that she acquired her wealth through questionable methods.

As per his account, Dr. Grace Boadu’s unfortunate demise was attributed to her failure to uphold a commitment she had made to a divine entity with whom she had a sacred agreement.

According to him, following the untimely demise of Dr. Grace Boadu, an eerie incident occurred in the house that was witnessed solely by the gateman. Those who doubt his account should seek confirmation from the gateman.

According to him, it is necessary to consult a spiritualist to purify the house before anyone can move in.

“I have received information from a spiritual source indicating that she was struck by something.” Some individuals who dabble in herbal remedies and various concoctions often claim to possess supernatural abilities such as witchcraft and healing powers. While they may prioritize financial gain, it is important to seek prosperity through peaceful means,” he stated.

It is important for everyone to pay attention to what I have to say. The white building you see may appear beautiful, but it is believed that without seeking spiritual assistance, anyone who stays there would be affected by a powerful spirit and meet an unfortunate fate. “It’s a spirit, yes, listen to what I’m saying,” he emphasized.

He came to the conclusion that the circumstances surrounding Dr. Grace Boadu’s death hinted at a hidden secret in her past.

If the family is willing to listen, it would be advisable to seek the guidance of a spiritual individual who can provide assistance. Otherwise, there is a risk that the occupants of the house may face unfortunate consequences. While someone was peacefully bathing, they tragically encountered a supernatural force that resulted in their untimely demise. However, you assert that this unfortunate incident should be considered a natural death. “Who informed you of that?” he inquired.



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