Apart From Money, Men Have Nothing To Offer Women In A Relationship – Blessing Okoro

Renowned relationship expert Blessing Okoro has sparked a heated discussion online with her recent comments on the role of men in relationships.

Blessing Okoro, who is known for her candid views on matters of the heart, boldly stated that a man’s primary duty in a relationship is to provide financial support to his partner.

According to her, if a man is not giving his woman money, then he is not truly invested in the relationship and is simply wasting her time.

She emphasized that men are natural providers and that their happiness and sense of fulfillment come from being able to provide for their significant other.

Blessing Okoro went on to suggest that women should allow men to fulfill their responsibilities and not try to take on the role of provider themselves.

She firmly believes that there is nothing else a man can offer a woman apart from financial support, as men are not designed to do much for women other than provide for them.

In her view, love is demonstrated through giving, and a man’s willingness to provide for his partner is a clear indication of his love and commitment.

Ultimately, Okoro’s message is clear: if a man is not generous with his money, it is a sign that he does not truly care for his partner.

She urges women to recognize and appreciate the role of men as providers in relationships and to allow them to fulfill this responsibility.


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