Fella 2

“Are they twins?”- Fella Makafui spotted with a lady who looks exactly like her. (watch video)

A video featuring actress Fella Makafui and a woman who appears to bear a striking resemblance to her has caused a buzz on social media.

Fella posted the video, showcasing herself alongside the woman who many are suggesting could be her doppelganger.

The woman, whom Fella came across and found to look remarkably like her, caught her attention enough for them to create a video together.

The uncanny resemblance between the two left viewers amazed, with many expressing their surprise at how similar they looked.

Some viewers even mistook the woman for Fella’s younger sister, while others commented on the strong likeness between them.

The video quickly garnered attention online, with comments flooding in praising the resemblance between the two women.

The unexpected encounter between Fella and her lookalike has left social media users in awe, with many sharing their thoughts on the striking similarities.

To see the video for yourself and witness the resemblance between Fella and her newfound lookalike.

Check out the footage below.

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