Armed robbers attack former second lady Matilda Amissah-Arthur (see details)

The former Second Lady of Ghana, Matilda Amissah-Arthur, was the victim of an armed robbery at her Tesano residence in Accra in December 2023. The armed assailant breached the high-security measures in place, demanding money and jewellery from Mrs. Amissah-Arthur.

Despite the presence of a considerable police force, the masked intruder managed to infiltrate the residence, threatening the widow of the late ex-Vice President Kwasi Amissah-Arthur. The former Second Lady handed over an estimated US$3000 to secure her freedom.

The Ghana Police Service apprehended the alleged perpetrator, who is now in custody. However, the police have remained silent on the matter, leading to speculation regarding the nature of the security breach. The identity of Mrs. Amissah-Arthur was undisclosed in official communications, referred to only as “Mrs. Atta.”

Sources suggest that the same modus operandi has been used in other high-profile officials’ residences in Accra. The escalating insecurity in the city is impacting even the elite, despite their sophisticated security measures.

Family sources are urging the Ghana Police Service and the Ministry of Interior to provide an update on the incident. The silence from the authorities has raised many eyebrows and caused concern among the public.


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