“Arrest Them Both” – Agradaa In Trouble After Revealing her Husband Loves An@l s3x

Self-proclaimed prophetess and evangelist Mama Pat, also known as Nana Agradaa, has stirred up controversy with her recent revelation about her husband’s sexual preferences.

Agradaa claims that her husband, Angel Asiamah, whom she frequently talks about, is very passionate in the bedroom.

She stated that he enjoys both front and back positions during s*x, and she equally enjoys them too.

These revelations have sparked a strong reaction online, with many social media users calling for Agradaa and her husband to be arrested.

It is worth noting that Agradaa’s revelations could potentially lead to legal trouble for her, as the newly passed anti-LGBT bill criminalizes an*l s*x, regardless of the gender of the individuals involved.

By openly admitting to engaging in such activities, Agradaa may find herself on the wrong side of the law once the bill is enacted.

In response to Agradaa’s video, one netizen humorously commented, “Sam George you have a missed call.” The video has certainly caused a stir online, with many questioning the appropriateness of Agradaa’s public declarations about her intimate life.

Watch the controversial video below to see Agradaa’s shocking revelations.

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