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“As A Good Mother, You Should Find A Councilor For Your Son” – Big Akwess Calls Onto Medikal’s Mother

Big Akwess, a popular actor in the Kumawood industry, has urged Medikal’s mother to step in and protect her son.

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Medikal and his mother

This call to action comes after Medikal openly admitted to smoking weed, which could potentially lead to legal consequences if the police were to search his house.

Big Akwess is concerned for Medikal’s well-being and believes that his mother’s intervention is necessary to prevent any future issues.

In addition to the weed smoking, Big Akwess also expressed his worry about Medikal’s mental health.

He emphasized the importance of finding a marriage counselor for Medikal, as he fears that without proper guidance and support, Medikal could spiral into depression.

Big Akwess mentioned Funny Face, another Ghanaian actor who has publicly struggled with mental health issues, as an example of what could happen if Medikal does not receive the necessary help.

Overall, Big Akwess’s message to Medikal’s mother is a plea for her to step in and protect her son from potential harm.

He believes that with the right guidance and support, Medikal can avoid the pitfalls that come with substance abuse and mental health issues.

By taking proactive steps now, Medikal’s mother can help ensure that her son has a brighter and healthier future ahead of him.

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