“As a man, it’s shameful to borrow a girl money and ask for it back” – lady says

A controversial Nigerian lady has caused a stir by calling out men who lend money to women and then ask for it back. In a video that has since gone viral, she can be seen serving a group of men hot breakfast while scolding them for their behavior.

According to the influencer, men should be ashamed of themselves for expecting to be repaid when they lend money to women. She argues that when a woman asks a man to borrow money, she is actually implying that he should give it to her as a gift, but is too embarrassed to ask directly. In her view, women often feel pressured to ask for loans instead of handouts in order to avoid being seen as beggars.

The influencer goes on to criticize men for not living up to their responsibilities and for expecting repayment when they lend money to women. She believes that men should be more generous and understanding when it comes to financial matters, and should not expect to be repaid when they lend money to women.

Her video has sparked a heated debate online, with many people both supporting and criticizing her views. Some believe that men should not expect repayment when they lend money to women, while others argue that financial transactions should always be repaid, regardless of gender.

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