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“Asantewaa’s husband is impotent”- Netizen alleges on social media (Watch video)

The high-profile union between Tiktok sensation Asantewaa and her spouse has once again become a subject of media attention.

Asantewaa, who rose to fame on TikTok, has recently faced numerous allegations, including accusations of infidelity and terminating pregnancies for other individuals.

There have been online claims suggesting that she is unable to have children with her husband, even though they have been married for a significant amount of time. These claims speculate that her past history of abortions may be a contributing factor.

Based on the latest report we’ve obtained, it appears that Asantewaa and her husband are involved in a contractual marriage.

There are rumors circulating that her husband may be experiencing difficulties in the bedroom, and that their relationship lacks genuine affection. However, Asantewaa continues to play the role of a devoted wife.

The source stated that Asantewaa’s husband is well aware of the TikTok star’s extramarital affair, but he chooses to remain silent as he feels powerless to intervene.

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