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Bawumia visits YOLO Star Drogba After It Became Public Knowledge that he is sick

Vice President of Ghana, Bawumia, made an unexpected visit to John Peasah, popularly known as Drogba from the YOLO series, as he lay on his sickbed after a viral appeal for funds. The family of the young actor had recently shared news of his illness and made a plea to the public for financial assistance.

Drogba is currently facing a rare condition called Demyelination, which affects the protective covering of the nerves, leading to issues with vision, movement, and sensation.

In response to the public plea for support, Vice President Bawumia decided to pay a visit to Drogba. This gesture not only shows his compassion and concern for the well-being of the young actor but also highlights the importance of rallying together as a community to help those in need.

The visit is a heartwarming display of solidarity and unity, as it demonstrates that even those in positions of power are not immune to the struggles faced by individuals in society. By taking the time to visit Drogba and offer his support, Vice President Bawumia has shown that no one should face challenges alone and that everyone deserves access to the necessary resources for healing and recovery.


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