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“Be careful marriage can lead to your downfall or success” – Kwaku Manu

The Ghanaian actor believes that marriage is a sacred institution designed to continue the human race through having children, and it holds great significance in a person’s life.

However, he cautions that marrying someone who is not compatible in terms of personality and character traits can have negative effects that can impact both personal and professional aspects of life.

During a TikTok live session, Kwaku Manu stressed the importance of making sure that one’s partner possesses essential qualities, especially honesty, for a successful marriage.

He stated that marriage is a crucial commitment that is ordained by God and while some may find success and prosperity after getting married, marrying someone who is deceitful can lead to downfall.

Manu highlighted the destructive nature of dishonesty in a relationship, pointing out that it can erode trust and stability.

He strongly condemned dishonesty, stating that those who engage in lies pose a greater threat to a marriage than those involved in extramarital affairs.

He concluded by emphasizing that honesty is a fundamental aspect of a healthy and lasting marital relationship.

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