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Beautiful Cape Verde ladies causes stir at the AFCON tournament (watch video)

Despite the recent loss of their quarter-final match against South Africa at AFCON 2023, Cape Verde has been stealing the spotlight for a different reason – the allure of their women.

Football enthusiasts following Cape Verde’s matches have been left in awe of their women’s beauty, captured regularly by the camera unit during the games. The enchanting allure of Cape Verdean women has sparked interest and admiration from fans worldwide.

A Nigerian man, one of their newfound admirers, recently went viral on social media as he attempted to capture a video featuring these enchanting ladies.

In his TikTok video, the man, known as @achiraf__12, is seen sharing a brief, delightful moment with two attractive Cape Verdean women outside the stadium. The video shows him waiting in a certain area in the stadium and quickly recording a video with the ladies, both clad in Cape Verdean jerseys.

The women appear amused by his actions, contributing to the charm and fun of the moment captured. This incident is a testament to the captivating beauty of Cape Verdean women that has become a focal point of discussion during AFCON 2023.

The viral video has since garnered significant attention, further highlighting the unexpected fascination with the women of Cape Verde during the football tournament.


Les vrais capverdiennes sont là😂😂❤️🇨🇻

♬ son original – Achiraf🪬🩸

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