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Big Akwes’s wife humiliates him for refusing to take a cleaning job in Germany.

Kumawood actor, Big Akwes, is reportedly experiencing marital discord due to a disagreement with his wife concerning his refusal to take up cleaning jobs. The actor, according to various reports, considers such tasks demeaning due to his celebrity status.

Claims have been made that Big Akwes views himself as too prominent to accept the available cleaning jobs. The actor’s marital bliss is reportedly diminishing due to this ongoing issue. On multiple occasions, Big Akwes has expressed his emotions publicly on social media, shedding tears over his predicament.

A recent video circulating online reveals Big Akwes’s wife admonishing him to cease airing his woes on social media. She contends there’s nothing wrong with him and accuses him of allowing his friends to influence his decisions negatively. She also emphasises that if he had been humble enough to perform the required tasks, he would have been in a better position.

Counteracting claims of domestic abuse, Big Akwes’s wife denies any form of maltreatment towards him. In a stern warning, she threatens to expose the actor to bloggers if he continues with his public emotional displays on social media.

The recent developments have put the actor’s marital issues under the spotlight, attracting public attention and speculation.

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