“Big Yawa” – Soldier Catches His Wife In Bed With Her Married Co-worker

Two teachers, Thomas Chikanga, 51, and Nomathamsanqa Nyathi, 36, from Westridge Primary School in Belvedere, Zimbabwe, were caught in a compromising position on Saturday, March 25.


Reports suggest that they had been secretly seeing each other for about a month before being discovered. Nyathi, who is married to a soldier, allegedly used her husband’s absence as an opportunity to engage in the affair.

She introduced Chikanga to her children, including her 16-year-old daughter, under the guise of him being a teacher, concealing the true nature of their relationship.

Chikanga would stay over at Nyathi’s home in Budiriro and leave before dawn to avoid being seen by the children.

However, they were caught red-handed when Nyathi’s husband unexpectedly returned home following a tip-off. Chikanga claimed that Nyathi had misled him about her marital status, leading him to believe that she had separated from her husband.

He expressed regret over the affair and stated that he had no intention of being used as a pawn in her marital issues.

Nyathi justified her actions by stating that her husband had been neglecting her, pushing her into the arms of her colleague.

This incident was not the first time Nyathi had been caught cheating, as her husband had previously discovered her in a similar situation with another man.

Despite the betrayal, her husband did not resort to violence but mentioned seeking the help of a native doctor.

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