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Bishop Obinim in hot waters after junior pastor exposes him of sleeping with his wife

Renowned Ghanaian Christian leader, Bishop Obinim, founder of the International God’s Way Church, faces severe allegations of an extramarital affair, brought forth by his former junior pastor, Saviour. Obinim, hailed by many as a prophet, is in the spotlight for this scandal of significant proportions.

Saviour, in a recent social media revelation, accused Obinim of having an affair with his wife. According to Saviour, the betrayal occurred while he was faithfully serving under Obinim. Consequently, Saviour resigned from his position and left the Church, taking his wife with him.

Further alleged actions by Obinim has escalated the situation. It is said that Obinim started spreading malicious rumors about the affair, aiming to defame Saviour and his wife publicly.

Saviour, in a heartbreaking video, denounced Obinim’s actions and questioned his divine authority. The scandal has resulted in significant personal and professional damage for Saviour, raising questions about power and leadership within religious institutions.

This controversy reminds us that even the most revered individuals are not exempt from accountability. As this scandal unfolds, the future for both Obinim and Saviour remains uncertain.

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