Bongo Ideas Does Not Deserve To Be Treated like an animal – Medikal

Rapper Medikal has come to the defense of Albert Nat Hyde, also known as Bongo Ideas, who has been at the center of social media attention recently due to claims that he was picked up by individuals wearing police uniforms.

The Ghana Police Service has denied these claims, stating that they did not detain him. This has sparked a lot of discussion among Ghanaian social media users, with many celebrating the news.

Following the incident, Ghanaian comedian DKB expressed the opinion that Bongo deserves whatever consequences he is facing because he is known to be a bully. Medikal responded to DKB’s statement, stating that regardless of Bongo’s actions, he should not be treated in a cruel manner.

Despite the fact that Bongo has offended many people, including Medikal himself, the rapper emphasized that he wishes for Bongo’s safety and well-being. Medikal expressed his sentiment in a social media post, stating that he wants to see his fellow Sowutuom resident safe and sound.

He stressed that even though Bongo has caused harm to many individuals, he still deserves to be treated with humanity. Medikal’s message conveys his concern for Bongo’s welfare, despite any past disagreements or conflicts.


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