BREAKING: Sabinus Has Stolen A Movie Scene From Too Much And Junka Town – VIDEO

A viral video on social media features Sabinus, a well-known Nigerian comedian, reenacting a famous movie scene from Junka Town. In the scene, Too Much was seen translating sign language for a deaf and mute individual.

The video has garnered attention and praise from viewers for its humorous and entertaining portrayal of the iconic moment from the movie.

Sabinus’ comedic interpretation of the scene has resonated with audiences, further solidifying his reputation as a talented skit maker.

The video has sparked discussions and conversations online, with many praising Sabinus for his creativity and ability to capture the essence of the original scene in a comedic and engaging way.

Overall, the video has been well-received and has contributed to Sabinus’ growing popularity in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

Watch The Two videos below…




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