Bride dies during her wedding ceremony; family gives younger sister to groom so wedding can continue


During a wedding ceremony in Bhavnagar, India, a tragic incident occurred when the bride, Hetal, suffered a heart attack and passed away.

The event took place at the Bhagwaneshwar Mahadev Temple in late February, as guests were gathered to witness the union between Hetal and Vishal.

As the celebrations came to a sudden halt, Hetal’s family was devastated by the unexpected loss.

In a surprising turn of events, the family decided to continue the wedding rituals by having Hetal’s younger sister take her place and marry Vishal instead.

The groom’s family agreed to this arrangement, and the ceremony proceeded with the younger sister stepping in for the deceased bride.

Hetal’s body was kept in cold storage until the completion of the wedding festivities.

Laxmanbhai Rathore, a corporator in Bhavnagar, expressed deep sadness over the incident, noting that it was a difficult time for the family.

However, he mentioned that society members encouraged the family to proceed with the wedding in order to set an example and show respect to the groom and his family.

This practice of substituting a deceased bride with a younger sister has been seen before in India, as families strive to uphold traditions and ensure that the wedding celebrations continue despite unfortunate circumstances.

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