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Bride’s Dream Wedding Turns Nightmare as Groom’s Secret Wife Crashes Ceremony

In an unexpected turn of events, a bride discovered on her wedding day that her husband-to-be was already married. A Twitter user, @olamipos_tabiti, narrated the shocking incident.

According to the user, the groom had previously informed the bride, her cousin, that his wife was deceased. However, he had suspiciously refused to remove his late wife’s photos from his house. On the day of the wedding, a woman claiming to be the man’s wife showed up with evidence of their marriage.

The wedding was originally scheduled for the 1st of this month and was postponed to today. The bride, an employee at FCMB, had even obtained a loan from her bank for the wedding. Preparations had been ongoing for two to three months.

The couple, who met at a church event, had decided to have the introduction, engagement, and church wedding on the same day. The man, in his 40s, had insisted his family couldn’t travel to Lagos again after the initial pre-introduction.

The shocking revelation came as the bride was getting her makeup done. Upon seeing the evidence presented by the alleged wife, the bride fainted and is currently hospitalized. The alleged wife was arrested immediately. The incident left the wedding guests, some of whom had traveled long distances, in shock.

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