Broke Girls Attract Broke Men – Efia Odo Advises Women Looking For Rich Men To Date

Ghanaian actress, singer, and reality show star Andrea Owusu, known as Efia Odo, recently shared insights on why many young women end up with financially struggling men. This came after a lady reached out to her on Snapchat, seeking advice on how to meet wealthy men.

The lady expressed her frustration with dating men who couldn’t provide for her. Efia responded by suggesting that the reason she kept attracting broke men was likely because of her own financial situation. She explained that women who are struggling financially often attract men in similar circumstances.

Efia emphasized the importance of women striving for financial independence and success in order to attract suitable partners. She encouraged the lady to focus on building her own wealth and success rather than relying on men for financial stability. By being financially independent, women can attract partners who are on the same level and can provide for them equally.

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