“Building is easy”- lady flaunts her newly built house made of zinc and wood (Photos)

A hardworking Nigerian woman recently showcased her uniquely designed new house on a popular platform called X.

Using the X app, the lady, known as @giftvitaliss, proudly displayed her creation made entirely of zinc and wood. The space consisted of a bedroom, a kitchen, and an empty area, making it a truly one-of-a-kind dwelling.

Gift Vitalis captioned her post with the statement, “Life isn’t difficult, it’s you who wants to build a mansion.”

By cleverly repurposing materials, the house owner had managed to create a functional living space that defied traditional norms.

The post quickly garnered attention from netizens, who flooded the comments section with their opinions.

Many praised the owner’s creativity and resourcefulness, while others expressed concerns about the potential challenges of living in such a structure.

One common worry brought up by netizens was the heat that could build up inside the zinc house.

In her post, Gift Vitalis showcased her ingenuity by utilizing unconventional materials to construct a livable space. However, some individuals questioned the practicality of living in a house made of zinc and wood.

They were worried about the potential discomfort caused by high temperatures inside the structure, especially during hot weather.

Despite the concerns raised, the post served as a testament to the owner’s determination and ability to create something unique with limited resources.

Gift Vitalis’ innovative approach to housing design not only caught the attention of netizens but also sparked conversations about alternative ways of constructing functional living spaces.


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