Burna Boy Is The Only Man Who Always Made Sure I cum Twice During Intimacy – SteffLondon Reveals


“He always prioritized me in bed and made sure I came at least twice before he came once. He’s the reason I respect Nigerian men. They practice what they preach.

No man I’ve dated all my life has ever cared for my s£xxual life the way Burna did. A couple of things didn’t work out but I must give him that…” she stated.

She mentioned that Burna Boy, the only man she has dated who ensured she had the best pleasure during intimacy, was a standout in comparison to other men she had been with.

Following their breakup in 2021 after a two-year relationship, Stefflon hinted that she may be rekindling things with her ex in the near future.

She expressed that the end of her relationship with Burna Boy had deeply affected her, despite being wealthy, attractive, and desired by many men. She emphasized that no other man had been able to satisfy her the way Burna Boy had during their time together.

She praised his prioritization of her pleasure in bed and his attentiveness to ensuring her satisfaction, noting that he always made sure she reached climax multiple times before himself.

Stefflon credited Burna Boy for setting a high standard in her mind for Nigerian men, commending their ability to follow through with their promises.

Despite their relationship not working out in all aspects, she acknowledged his exceptional care for her s£xxual wellbeing.

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