Canada-based man stuns many as he skillfully braids his wife’s hair himself due to high cost of saloon visit

A Nigerian man living in Canada has gained the admiration of many online after a video surfaced showing him skillfully braiding his wife’s hair.

The heartwarming moment was shared on TikTok by Agatha Anubalu, highlighting the husband’s talent in hairstyling.

The video quickly went viral, capturing the husband delicately braiding his wife’s hair with extensions while she relaxed and let him work his magic.

What made this gesture even more special was the wife’s revelation in the caption that salon visits in Canada are quite expensive, costing at least N217,000 (approximately CAD 280) per visit.

Understanding the financial burden this could impose, the husband took it upon himself to save money for the family by braiding his wife’s hair.

The reactions from netizens were a mix of admiration and humor, with some jokingly asking if the husband was single or teasing about payment methods.

Others expressed gratitude for having a partner who could braid hair and save them money.

Despite some lighthearted comments, the overall sentiment was one of appreciation for the husband’s thoughtful act made out of love.

Watch video below…

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